Never been to Notting Hill Carnival? Here’s how to do it like a grown up

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Is it actually possible to get rid of stretch marks?

And why do we really get them?

Why I'm 26 and I've already had botox and lip fillers and plan to have more

64% of plastic surgeons have seen an increase in under 30s getting procedures like Botox

Coming To Netflix In September

With everything coming to Netflix in September you're probably not going to want to make ANY plans...

Here's everything on offer in the month's Powder beauty drawer

We want it all 😍 Get 50% off your first box with code POWDER50

Millennial pink is out and this is the colour set to take its place

You'll either love it or hate it

Gemma Arterton has opened up about being bullied into the gym on the set of this film

‘They’d call up the personal trainer at like nine at night going: “Is she in the gym. And if she isn’t, why isn’t she in the gym?” And then they’d get me in the gym and film me in the gym so they’d know I was there.’

Hollywood's highest paid actors are in and they ALL earn more than the highest paid actress

The top 10 actors banked a cumulative $488.5 million—nearly THREE TIMES the $172.5 million combined total of the 10 top-earning women 😒

Donald Trump has returned to the White House after a two week golfing holiday

Despite once saying 'most of the people I know that are successful really don't take vacations' 😂

Would you swap eyeshadow for eyegloss?

Move over lipgloss, there's a new gloss in town

Dying is more positive than you think it is according to science

'Meeting the grim reaper may not be as grim as it seems'

If Taylor Swift wants to stay relevant she needs to get political

The world has changed since Taylor Swift's last album release - Swift needs to change with it

Donald Trump did the one thing you're advised not to do during an eclipse

He wouldn't be Donald J. Trump if he didn't 🤦‍♂️

This is what a £6million diamond engagement ring actually looks like

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Is this the secret to the perfect selfie?

We think we have it sussed

Birthday girl Kim Catrall (aka the iconic Samantha Jones) summing up how we feel about the fact there are still four days left of the week

Here's how you can photograph tonight's solar eclipse

In the UK we will be treated to a partial eclipse at sunset (clouds permitting ☁️)

The story behind Princess Diana's golden charm bracelet is incredibly moving

One of the sweeter moments between Prince Charles and Diana ❤️

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