We can't believe how long it takes Kim Kardashian to do her hair...

We're never going to complain about ours again 😱

Meryl Streep just endorsed this A-lister for President in 2020

And we're behind her all the way.

THAT Meghan Markle handbag is finally back in stock...

Christmas is saved guys 🌲

Holly's First Dates: Jack Black on how to win over Dwayne The ...

Watch Jack Black reveal how to win over Dwayne The Rock Johnson 😂 Jumanji

Lauren Conrad's new Christmas hair is giving us serious inspiration...

Be right back - off to cut all our hair off ❤️

We are seriously hoping the Jennifer Lopez rumours are true...

Will J-Lo be finding a diamond ring under the tree? 💍

James Corden and wife Julia welcome baby girl to the world

The unexpected bit? Harry Styles stepped in to save the day...

Prince William and Harry hit the Star Wars Premiere

AND they made a cameo in the film!

Kourtney Kardashian fesses up...

Literally every single beauty product she uses

The Best Luxury Candles To Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Try boutique brand Florence Verity one of the best (and prettiest) luxury candles out there...

‘The Grenfell fire was about people not politics’

Powerful words penned by Reggie Yates

Angelina Jolie calls on NATO to protect women’s rights

‘It is humanity’s shame that violence against women, whether in peaceful societies or during times of war, has been universally regarded as a lesser crime’

This is the coat everyone will be wearing in 2018

It's PERFECT for now too

Il Gufo

Discover the Italian brand that'll make your kids look magic this Christmas

Very Fashion People